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Okay, so the Damento Juggling Festival wasn't in Davis. It was a little bit south of Sacramento, at Cosumnes River College. A lot closer than I thought it would be.
I only took pictures inside the gym, where people were practicing (showing off), and where the booths were. I didn't take any during the shows.

See the boy in this picture? He's only 9 (looked more like 7 in RL). I can't remember his name, but he's already the national baton twirling champion. But here, you see him juggling 7 clubs with his dad or uncle.

Here are two crowd shots...:

This couple is Andrew and Noami. They're Burning Man friends of mine and Cody's from the late-'90's (kinda weird to say late-'90's, isn't it!?). They're passing balls.

Finally, I think this guy's name is Matt. He's juggling 7 balls, by himself!

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