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When I left work this morning, one of the other CT techs was complaining how he had to work x-mas this year, and that he had worked it last year (this is how they found out I was only working 9 days this pay-period).
Technically, I'm working all three winter holidays... Thanksgiving, X-mas, and New Years. I work the eve's of X-mas and New Year, but most of my shift falls the next morning, so we get paid the holiday pay which is time and a half, plus holiday time accrued. That's basically double time and a half. That's like working at $75 per hour.
Now, even though I really can't stand our union, here's one of the perks they were able to bargain... if someone works all three of those holidays, the third one (new years) is major ch'ching. Some very nice bling bling can be bought for that! I'll be making over $100 per hour.

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