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Edit from my last entry:
It was noticed that I have only 9 days this payperiod, so I was asked to pick up an extra night. I chose tonight, so I can still get three days off in a row after x-mas eve night.
Then I was informed that I was also put on call for two Saturdays in January. That's fine, because that's just extra money in the bank, as long as I have the weekend of the 9th off for my birthday weekend. Yup, I'm on call on the 3rd and the 17th, so I'm good.
Tonight wasn't a very good night. The machine hiccupped in the middle of one exam, and missed out on the better quality images because of that. Then, on my last patient, the I.V. blew, and I got contrast (dye) all over the place; everywhere except in the patient's blood stream. So I had to rescan her... that took 10 minutes of my time, resetting everything.
Well, I got a half hour of overtime, so whatever.
Tonight was also rough because most of my patients either wouldn't or couldn't hold still. Not good on a CAT scan... motion shows up a lot worse on C.T. than it does in regular diagnostic.
I'm worn out. I don't know how the other techs survived being at work for 32 hours at a time.

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