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The conservatives are getting worse!
I heard on the news today that young conservatives are creating watch lists of professors in Texas who they feel are too liberal in their teachings; that they are one-sided with respect to issues such as the war, politics, and even racism.
Sorry, kids. But those views are more racist than anything I've heard in a long time. It sounds like these young conservatives are more like neo-nazis than political.
It's bad enough that the nazis didn't know or understand the true meaning of Arian, and that neo-nazis have made it worse by not only misunderstanding what the nazis thought or believed, but because they have the thinking they can do what Hitler aimed to do. And now you have these young republicans taking their first steps much in the same way the nazis did.
Don't get me wrong, there are some ideals of the repulican party which I find attractive, like less government control over business. But, obviously, these kids have not been paying attention.
That old phrase, history repeats itself, seems to be coming true, yet again! (remember my post on how the Muslims are doing the same thing now that the Christians did a few hundred years ago?)
I know history can be a boring subject to learn, but damn it, we need to start paying attention to its lessons. I'm not talking about Washington crossing the Deleware, here. I'm talking real history.
Apparently, these young republicans are getting more and more of their kind to get into the college classes to "keep an eye on" these professors and then who knows what.
Maybe it's time for more of the subcultures to start taking these same classes to balance things out, and let these young republicans know that just because we don't believe the same thing doesn't mean we can be oppressed.

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