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Today was my last day of C.T. training (Cat Scan).
Next week, I'm back to my regular P.M. schedule (actually starting tomorrow), then the week after that I am a C.T. tech all be my lonesome.
Most of the training techs left me alone most of this week as it was, at least on the exams I will see most during the night, which is typically only E.R. stuff. During biopsies, cancer planning, and Angiograms they stuck by, because I won't see too much of that at night. The biopsies I'm pretty sure I could handle. I know for certain I won't see the cancer planning at night, because the cancer center closes at 5. There is a slight possibility that I could see an angiogram at night, though, and I'm the least competent with that. But that's only because there are a lot more steps in creating the 3-dimensional images on the computer. Fortunately, I don't think that angiograms have to be reconstructed in 3D through the E.R. at night. I think that the 3D reconstruction is for surgery planning. The stuff at night is just to be sure there isn't a perforated aorta, an aneurysm, or both.
Anyhow... I probably will ask if I can come in and work on one more of those next week before I actually allow myself to be set loose alone.

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