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Update to my post from this morning!
After fishing around the 'net for some time, I have found that magnatism does not follow the inverse cube law, but rather the inverse square law.
So, if you double your distance from the source of a magnetic field, the amount of force is only 1/4th that of your original distance. And vice-versa, you halve your distance, then the force is quadruple.
So, I did, indeed, remember my physics incorrectly.
Which is okay.
But, just so you all know, now you know a guy who does admit to his mistakes!

Oh, and in case any of you is interested, magnetism also moves at the speed of light (it has to, as light is part of the EM spectrum, as is magnetism!).
And even more interestingly, something I posted earlier, gravity, or I should say, the force of gravity, also moves at the speed of light. That's not the same thing as the speed at which gravity pulls you towards its source, which actually depends on mass.
If you want to know what I mean, read the following--otherwise, just skip this:
Let's say a bright star suddenly "pops" on (yes, I know this doesn't really happen, just pretend, okay?). Suddenly, there is mass emitting light in a spot where there wasn't before. If you are a light-year away, or the distance it takes for light to travel in one year, then after one year's time, you would finally see that light. You would also "feel" the effects of the gravity field around that mass at exactly the same time. Depending on how massive that object is determines what you actually feel. So, if it's a black hole that immediatly starts you on a path towards itself, that would be a pretty strong "feeling", don't you think? But you still wouldn't get that "feeling" for a year after it came to being if you started off at that light-year distance.

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