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Trying to look up information for my trip to Australia next winter. I had completely forgotten that there are people here on LJ that are from there... we're online! We're world-wide!
So, for any of you from Oz who would like to share some ideas, here's the thing:
Yes, I do want to to some of the touristy stuff, but I'd also like to get away from that too. One can never have enough boomerangs, but I'd like to find a real one... not one that's from Australia but made in a factory... but the larger sized ones that are known as kill-sticks. And I already know how to play and even make the dijeridoo (although spelling it may not be my forte).
At Burning Man '99, I met a girl named Cleo from Australia. She looked at me weird when I asked how come she didn't have an accent. At that point, everyone looked at me weird. In fact, she had such a strong accent, that some of the people around us couldn't understand half of what she was saying. I was understanding her perfectly. I had forgotten that I had a friend for many years from Australia, and I had gotten so used to her accent that I just didn't hear it anymore. Although I'm sure this is no longer the case (I haven't been in contact with either of them for a long time).
Anyway, I want to go next Winter.

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