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Although Governor Gray Davis has suggested Democrats NOT to start another campaign of recall against Governor Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, the news still sounds like there may be a team willing to do this.
We just got done with several months of being the nation's laughing stock, and political turmoil. What? Did the Democrats have fun with that? Do they want that to continue?
Actually, I have a strong suspicion that if they turn around and begin another campaign of recall, there will be so few people interested that they won't even be able to gather half the signatures.
I think that all Californians are more sick of what just occured than even the rest of the nation. Let it be.
If the Demos do go ahead, they will be even bigger idiots than I had thought.
Not that I side on the GOP. I'm more of a liberal-green-independent. Some ideals from the GOP are good, but so are some from the Demos, the Green, and even a few others.
I'm willing to give Schwarzenegger a chance, after all, he only has 2 year 'til the next gubernatorial election, right?--well, if not right, he doesn't have a whole term, so voters can decide then if he has done the job he has promised.

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