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Friends Only

I've started going back and editing some of my old posts to Friends Only.
This is in response to having found out that some people have read it who I didn't realize knew I even had this journal.
Although they've already read some of the posts, I figure I might as well hide them from the general population anyway.

There are some people I don't mind reading my posts, because they don't know who I am talking about (mainly coworkers).
If you do read my journal, but don't have an account here on LJ, and I happen to know you personally, you can ask for an invite code (I have plenty) by sending me an e-mail at aryx at comcast dot net requesting one. Once you have created your own account here, let me know who you are, and I'll add you to my friends list. Then you can read all the juicy gossip (yeah, right!) if I haven't told you in person already.

Stuff that will remain public:
Pictures of my kitties and friends--no real nudity, implied nudity at most.
Philosophical rants.

Stuff that will go to F.O.:
Juicy gossip (yeah, right!) of coworkers.
Info. on friends.
My trials and tribulations.

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