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Too much heartbreak lately.
Years ago, I met a girl who was part of a large circle of friends who were pagan, gothic, keltic, and wiccan.
Early Wednesday morning, that cirlce lost one of its members.
I have some very special friends who loved him, and they are devestated.
This makes me sad, as well, knowing I have a family of friends who are like this right now.

On my friends list, someone else just lost a younger brother, just barely in the prime of his life. What's worse is that she lost her mother not too long ago.

Yesterday, we had multiple car accidents which claimed the lives of at least two people. Although these people had come in before I had, the slow recession of the lingering was still in the air. Families in mourning.

All of this just in the first two days of October.

For me, death is just another stage of life. But I can't help but feel sadness or sorrow for these people in mourning.

In one culture, instead of mourning at the funeral, there is celebration, like a birthday party. This is what I want when I pass on. I don't want people to be sad at my loss. I want people to celebrate my life as it was. Not that it's the greatest life in the world, after all, I was too shy throughout highschool to ask girls out, and though I have nearly broken that shell, there are still pieces which cover me here and there. I have not made any huge, and life-altering discoveries. Actually, as far as I can tell, I haven't really done anything which I feel would be cause for celebration. But that would be selfish of me. Instead, I would leave that up to other people to share. What have I done for someone else which would make them celebrate at my passing. No, that's not a question, at least not one to be answered now.

Anyway, I just want all of you who are in the process of suffering from a loss right now that I am standing there beside you in spirit.

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