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You know, history really does repeat itself.
Empires rise, and empires fall. As do nations and countries.
Religeon, too, fallows the same pattern.
Several centuries ago, the Christians felt that it was their God-given right to go forth and convert the world to Christianity. And they did it with blood shed.
Any Pagan who converted was spared, those who didn't were slaughtered.
Tiny spats turned into riots, riots turned into battles, and battles into wars.
The Christians covered the lands like plagues, teaching, Do as I say, not as I do.
Back then, it was something like, love everyone for who they are, as long as they are Christian.
Over time, they realized the errors of their way, and began to accept small pockets of non-believers living amongst them. So, if there were errors there, then why couldn't there be other errors?
So branches broke off... starting with Martin Luther's translation of the Bible into German, with some modifications here and there. Now you have Protestantism. Other branches did the same thing, breaking off of both Christian, and even the Protestant religeon. And more and more.
But, I digress.
There were several centuries of blood-shed, resulting from the Christian and non-Christian conflict. It wasn't just the Pagans that the Christians destroyed. Anyone whom they encountered who did not listen and convert to their way of thinking was at risk.
Who knows how it started... maybe some rebellion against the Christians? Or maybe just a few Christians who did not have the patience to convert the slower-witted? Maybe both, and a few other things.
These were the Crusades.
And it didn't just happen in Europe. After the New World was discovered, the tribes and clans we now refer to as Native Americans were also victim to the same quixotism.
Whole villages would be wiped away if they did not convert.
As was mentioned earlier, something happened which made the Christians change their way of thinking, and their way of dealing with people. But not before many nations were felled and completely annihilated.

Does any of this sound familiar.
I mean, does it sound like something like this is going on right now?
If you haven't been paying attention to the news the last few years, then you are really missing a giant change in history. I'm not talking technological advancement, but something more vile and earth changing than anything we have seen in our history before.
There is another group of people who are doing the same thing that the Christians did so many hundreds of years ago. It is already evident that they have started on the path to making the same mistakes, but will probably still end up with the same goal.
In Christianity, the goal was to make every living person a Christian.
Now, the Muslim world would like to change that, and have everyone enlightened to their way of thinking.
Those who oppose are to be dealt with swiflty, and deadly.
They do not attack just the weak, but instead focus primarily on their biggest threat, and with good logic. If you can defeat your biggest threat, the smaller ones may just bow down. Whether that is what really happens or not remains to be seen. It may take 50 years, it may take 200 years. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow.
At this time, The United States of America is the biggest threat to the idea of a global Muslim Nation. On September 11th, 2001, 0804 EST, we finally got the hint.
The plan: Destroy America, and the rest of the free world will have no choice but to set down their swords. It may take time, but that does not matter.

I have nothing wrong with Muslim and the Muslim people. Same goes for Catholics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and so on.
Well, nothing wrong except that organized religeon is still a form of government; just a way that the people with power could keep control of other people, in my humble opinion.

I think it would be better if, instead of fighting back, we just laughed and applauded the efforts. That would be a bigger humiliation than any defeat in the war zone. They believe that if they die for their cause, they will be rewarded. So why kill them? Just humiliate them, and they will feel they have lost their honor. At least, I think they would.

Can someone pass me the popcorn?

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