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Why is it that the Jesus freaks that walk about the neighborhood at ungodly hours in the morning only try to teach about Jesus, instead of what Jesus taught?

I mean, it's not the man that matters, it's the message. What is the message? In a nutshell, accept others for who they are. Yes, this includes your enemies, neighbors, and people of differing cultures.

Hatred strems from misunderstanding. For example, if one group of people worships their god by lying on their stomach with their right knee bent into the air and left arm sprawled out to the side while they drooled on their pillow, and someone comes along who worships his god by standing with legs spread apart, bending over with his head lowered between his knees, what would the first group think?

According to Jesus, it sholdn't matter. But to the nearly 100% of religeon out there today, this person is different, strange, odd, and will never be understood. His ways of worship are all wrong, therefore he is not worshipping the true god, and in fact, is not worshipping god at all, and more likely worshipping satan, and therefore must be destroyed, along with the people that he associates himself with.

Christ simply asked that people got with each other... no matter the differences in religeon, color, race, creed, smell, size, stature, hair color, nose shape, piercings, or penis size. Most 'Christians' don't do this. I try to. I am more 'Christian' than those idiots who have to go to church every Sunday to ask God why the bad things have to happen in their lives instead of taking the blame for themselves, and vice-versa, thanking God and giving Him the credit so that he can seem more modest; a little less selfish than the next guy.

Get real! I don't need a god to take the blame for my faults, nor the credit for my accomplishments.

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