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Oh, now what bullshit is this!?
I got one of my tax bills in the mail yesterday.
It's not for the house, it's for the boat (yes, you have to pay property taxes on boats) so the amount is no big deal, and easily payable.
But here's the fucked up part:
On the invoice, it says the bill date is July 8th, 2003.
The postal stamp on the envelope is Aug, 12th.
And it's due in just a couple of days.
What the shit is this saying the bill date is one day, and not actually sending it for over a month. Technically, the bill date is the day that the postal service stamped that envelope, not just some random day they pick out of their pocket from the past so they can say, "Oh, we billed you on that over a month ago" bullshit.
I'd have no problem proving that they didn't, because the postal stamp is very clear, Aug 12'03.
Fortunately, today is payday, and I have 2 checks coming, and I still have just enough time to get it in before it's really due.
But I think it's bullshit that they say they billed it on a day, yet took over a month to actually send it in the mail.

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