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Here's some facts stated by Rick McCallum in a chat recently.

• Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine) has a much larger and important role in Episode III (for obvious reasons).
• Rick has been trying to convince George to do a cameo in the prequels but George refuses.
• The emphasis of Ep3 is as much story as Visual FX.
• Ep3 will have the same emotional depth as ESB.
• Visually, Ep3 is the most ambitious film yet due to all the number of new planets.
• The film will end on a sad note, but there is hope for the future of the story (Classic Trilogy).
• Rick can neither confirm nor deny whether the character Tarkin will be in Ep3.
• Three major lightsaber duels have been shot so far.
• The underwater tank set will feature a scene where Obi-Wan fights with droids.
• Rick asks that the fans have faith in the decision to go with the CGI trooper suits as opposed to actual costumes.
• George is always making changes (likely to include the script to Ep3).
• Rick's favorite film of the saga is Episode V.
• Rick realizes the fan anticipation for this final film in the SW saga.
• When asked if he had a favorite character in Ep3, Rick stated that he thought Palpatine was fantastic.
• Three words that Darth Vader speaks in Ep3 are "I don't fear..." !!
• The movie will explain all of Anakin's injuries except for one (the facial scar as noted in the recent HS set diary).
• Currently, production is two days ahead of schedule, but the underwater scenes (with the water tank) are quite challenging.
• Ep3 will provide the answers the fans have been waiting for, but may also pose some new questions.
• The opening battle is entirely in space, but there will be land battles in the film.
• Only small segments of the duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan have been filmed. The main action is yet to come.
• September 19th will be Hayden's last day of filming.
• Rick and/or George have never changed a scene for musical scoring purposes.
• Kamino is not in Episode III.
• Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) will film his scenes in March of 2004.
• The underwater scenes are not a battle, but a fight.
• Count Dooku will only use one lightsaber in Ep3.
• One character in the film will use two lightsabers at once "and he's bad."
• A certain amount of Jedi will die in Ep3, but Rick would not specify how many.
• There will be a scene when Anakin is given the name of Darth Vader and an explanation as to why he was given the name and what it means.
• Rick refused to comment on the possibility of a volcanic environment or planet.
• We will see Mace in a certain form of "space action".
• Rick would not give any hints on the EU character that appears in the film.
• All the hairstyles are bad in Ep3, which will link the film to the Classic Trilogy.
• It won't be the special effects that make the Obi-Wan/Anakin duel so thrilling, it will be the betrayal.
• Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars) will shoot one day's work of shooting in 2004.
• We will definitely see Palpatine/Sidious use an "awesome display of the dark side of the force".
• Beru Whitesun (Bonnie Piesse) will appear in the film along with Owen.
• Rick felt saddened, shocked, angry and betrayed after reading the story of Anakin's downfall.
• Chewbacca will be easily identified during his scenes and character depth will be added to the classic trilogy Chewbacca.
• The originally planned six sets of alien armor have been reduced to one set.
• The one character that will make the best action figure is the one character Rick is not allowed to discuss.
• Dave Prowse will not be playing Darth Vader.
• Many people believe the reason Anakin turns to the dark side is a love triangle between Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan.
• John Williams will begin scoring the film in November of 2004.
• The last ten minutes of the film will be "a dream come true" for all fans. ...
• Until a final cut of the film is ready, it is too early to predict how the score may blend in with some of the Classic Trilogy musical themes.
• Rick didn't confirm or deny that a major character in the film, other than Boba Fett, is a clone.
• The story will move much quicker than the previous films.
• About 80 pages of script have been shot so far.
• "Birth of an Empire" is not even close to the real title of the film.
• Currently, the script is 129 pages long.
• Ewan McGregor may do a webchat in a few weeks.
• Rick's favorite set to shoot for this film was the Classic Trilogy set.
• Jar-Jar does not die in the film.
• The animatics that Rick has seen for the film are "brilliant".
• Ep3 will conclusively answer whether Palpatine is Sidious.
• Kit Fisto will not use a double-bladed lightsaber.
• The "rule of two" (Sith at once) remains true in Ep3.
• There is still one big role that has yet to be cast.
• Padmé is a Senator throughout Ep3.
• Dormé will not return for Ep3.
• Ep3 is a "2-hour turn to the dark side".
• Boss Nass will not appear in Ep3.
• At the end of the movie, the twins Luke and Leia are less than a month old.
• We will see Padmé pregnant in the film.
• Anakin will have scenes named "ceiling of a flooded room".
• We will see female Jedi fighting in Ep3.
• We will see who was born first, Luke or Leia.
• We will see Yoda fighting again.

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