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my own li'l quote

"If you want to beat the `system,' you first need to know how the system works."

This is to all the kids that like to rebel. I know what it's like. I was part of the goth scene for almost 5 years, walking up and down Haight street and blending right in with the Dredlock kids, the punks, the neogoths, the ubergoths, and whatnot. My parents were hippies in their time, rebelling against the world back then, just as these kids do now.

I've grown up quite a bit. And I've gotten rid of the major influence in my life that kept me involved in that area (a couple of you will know who I mean). And I've found that rebelling nowadays will not solve any problems. Yeah, the hippies sort of changed the way we think, maybe a little bit, and they were the rebellious ones of the 60's... but part of the reason for that is that they were the only ones out there, and there was a war (police action) going on. Now, there are so many underground cultures that all have there own little ideologies and 'platforms' that there will never be enough organization amonst them all to do any good.

Not that I'm saying rebelling is bad... I think they should continue to rebel... it actually teaches you how to think for yourselves. You are the one who decides which sub-culture you want to be associated with, and for what reasons, and thus start creating your own self-identity.

But, in 10 years, please remember, you will not think the same things that you do now. 1) You might get married and have kids, 2) You might start feeling some of the signs that you are aging, 3) you might start feeling the urge to do something more constructive, 4) all the people that are in the sub-culture are now 10 years younger than you, and you are not as well accepted as you once were. There are others.

And it all started with you wanting to beat the system. Whatever your qualms against the system you have/had, there was just something there that you really didn't like. And you wanted to fight for something, anything, that was against whatever the system was for.

But, you really don't know why.

And this is why I say that. You have to know exactly what it is that you don't like, you have to really know how to play the game. If you're going to beat the master at chess, you have to know how the game is played, and how the master plays. The same is true for 'the system.' Know what the system is doing, saying, acting, thinking, and believing, and then figure out how to either work its own rules against itself, find loopholes, or create your own rules that it can accept.

And beating the system doesn't necessarily mean that you have to win.

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