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Went to the movies tonight... watched that pirate one. I liked it, thought it was cute. It's meant to be dorky, and I really liked it.
Afterwards, went to In 'N Out Burger, then, as I was coming home, I saw lighting above the horizon. We don't get too many thunder storms in the Central Valley... just a couple a year.
I was thinking about how rare they are here, compared to some other places (New Orleans, for instance), which reminded me somehow of my stupid program director when I was in x-ray school.
It had just rained, the sun was shining through some of the clouds, and a rainbow appeared. He looked out the window and said something like, "Oh, a rainbow! Have any of you ever seen a rainbow before?"
Damn this guy was an idiot. He had only been in the area for a few months at that time, having just gotten the job as program director. But why would he think we had never seen a rainbow before?

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