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My last post was against those skinny girls who always run around saying they're fat.
I have no problems with larger people, because they usually have better personalities. They are more down to earth with what troubles them.
Once again, it shows that what makes one attractive is how they feel about themselves. A good attitude, personality, and overall self-confidence is highly more attractive than looking like a bimbo.
Many people say Norma Jean (Maryline Monroe) was beautiful. I disagree. She had many self doubts that showed in all her films and photographs. To me, that made her ugly. She could not take criticism or negativity. She dealt with it by trying to be physically beautiful in everyone else's eyes. But she could not see what would make her beautiful in her own.
My last post isn't against all skinny girls, either... just those whose only "problems" seem to be thinking they are too big in certain areas and therefore unattractive. And that, my friends, is what truley makes them unattractive. IMHO

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