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You know why I always miss out on movies that are out in the theater and end up waiting to get them on DVD?
Because I hate putting clothes on to go out to the theater!
And I only go to get the DVDs when I have other errands, such as getting gas, or the oil changed, groceries... that kind of thing.
I pretty much sat at home all day, sans clothing. And I relaxed.
No, I didn't go out on the boat... the girl cancelled. She said they had put her on the schedule and had to be at work at 2. I was actually kind of glad, because I never did get the boat cleaned up, nor did I get the gas, and I would have had to do that before going out.
I did end up going to a movie tonight, though.
I went to see that Tom Braider movie... you know the one with the girl who shoots guns and jumps off buildings... 'twas pretty cool. I've got the first on DVD... can't wait 'til this one comes out... I love watching all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

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