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So, I finally went to go see The Hulk last night.
I went to the last showing.
Wouldn't you know it, there's this couple there who brought their little kids. And where were they sitting? One row in front of me, and about 8 seats to the right.
They let their little one (about 2 1/2 yrs old) run up and down the aisles making weird noises the entire movie! Worst f'king parenting I've ever seen.
Several times in the movie, I said loud enough for them to hear to take the child out of the theater. Did they listen? No!
Several times I thought other people had gone out to complain, but it ended up they were just getting a soda or popcorn. Gah!
I should've gotten up myself.
I have no idea what really happened in the movie.
And I was sitting there trying so hard to concentrate on the movie and block the kids out that I left the theater with a killer headache.


On a lighter note, I took my mom and aunt out on the boat, today.

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