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Just finished a three-day weekend.
Friday: didn't get much done except clean out the boat again. Was supposed to go outand do photos, but the lady couldn't find a sitter, so we're going to try again this week.
Saturday: Went out on the boat with a few people from work, Shelley, Rhonda, and Karry.
Karry brought her dog. Rhonda's moving to Hawaii, so this was a little present for her, as she hadn't been out on my boat yet. Also met some other co-workers having fun on the water. After we were done on the boat, we went to Shelley's house to swim in her pool and had a BBQ rib dinner.
Sunday: Went to pyrophilia's. We went to the river and hiked along a trail for a while. Another BBQ dinner, this time, steak.

I'm going to need to fire up my BBQ pretty soon.

And now that the weather is finally behaving and allowing people to go boating, there's a few others out there I need to get out here! :
We need to check our schedules, because mine will probably be changing next month.

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