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Finally got to take the boat out for the first time this season! Yay!
Lots of people out on the water, even ran into a few co-workers on one of the island beaches.
Lots to drink! But I kept myself under the uncontrolled limit. As it was, I burned my back pretty good. At least, it looks like a bad burn in the mirror. I don't feel anything at all. Fortunately, I had sunscreen on the areas that are always getting burned; my shoulders and face. So, on my back is this big red patch of burned skin, and my shoulders are their typical brown (freckles--although, they have already seen some sun this season, so they're not white in between the freckles). But I feel like I have a sunburn on my shoulders anyway... and my arms. But I didn't sunscreen my arms too well, I guess, because they are a bit red, too.

Anyhow, I'm happy I got the boat out, finally.
Afterwards, went to my friend's house and we swam in her pool until her husband had BBQ'd up the ribs. Drank a little more. Hung out 'til midnight, more drinking. This time, I couldn't drive. So my friend had to drive me home in my truck--boat still in tow--and another friend had to drive her back home. It's a good thing we're all of 8 or 9 blocks from each other.

Not much to report.
I'm supposed to go see pyrophilia later.

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