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Home from Marine World.
Face and head is burned, even though I put sun-block on.
Went on a couple of cool roller coasters, but they wouldn't allow me to ride Vertical Velocity, because, get this, I'm too tall!
I would've risked it.
When the girl said she'd have to measure me, because I might be too tall, I thought she was joking.
If I would have known she was serious, I could have said that they checked me ealier in the day and I was fine. But no, my brain wasn't thinking that fast at that point, simply because I didn't realize she was serious.
I had just gotten done joking with my friend that in the past I would ask the people to measure me to see if I was tall enough. So she thought that the girl was joking too, when we got up to the gate.
Damn my brain for not thinking fast enough and lying. Well, I hope I remember that so the next time it happens, I can say something like that.
Oh well, I got to go on Medusa and Roar; once they were working again.
That's another thing... it seemed like the rides kept breaking down after we got in line. They even had to close one after we had waited in line for 45 minutes and were almost at the front!
I still like Great America better as far as local theme parks.

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