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a letter

Dear Mr. Insomnia,
Under normal circumstances, I don't mind you hanging out at my house all night to keep me company. And I've tolerated your antics on nights when I really needed to get to bed early.
But, for a week now, you've been keeping me up until the sun popped his head up over the mountain ranges in the east. That was okay for the first day or two, but it's not funny any more. This little trick has worn out its welcome.
And even more than that, last night's fun and games was the kicker. Not only did you keep me awake all night, you only let me sleep for two hours before waking me back up. Of course, I'm not tired now, but I know what's going to happen later, because you've done it to me before... I'll feel great all day, like I had a comfortable and good night's rest, and then, just before it's time to head off to work, BAM! Why do you let your grip on me go just before I want to leave?
Are you jealous that something else out there has to keep me awake, and it's not you?
Are you happy that something else out there keeps me awake, so you run off to find someone else to play with? Or is that the time when you catch up on your own rest.
I'm sure you have a very valid reason for doing what you do, but I think it's time we altered things just a little bit.
1) I would like to go to bed between 3 and 4, and fall right to sleep.
2) I would like to stay asleep until at least 11.
3) I want you to visit me while I'm at work, because sometimes I can get dreadfully tired there.
I understand that this may be a big adjustment for you, as you probably do rest when I'm gone, and that's 12 hours difference in schedules. But you have to remember, when you started to visit me those many years ago, I had to change my schedule as well. So, now I'm just asking you to return the favor.
I'm not trying to sound mean-spirited, but I do feel I need to take a tougher stand in these matters.
If you do not feel that you can meet these obligations, I would be happy to write a letter of reference for you to your next assigned case.
I hope you understand, I'm trying to do this for my own best interests.

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