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I woke up so sick today. I should have called in sick, because I wasn't much help at work. Granted, I still did more work than some of those lazy S.O.B.'s.

Isn't it weird when you're sick you have an entirely different perseption of things? I could smell patients. I'm talking about odors that we usually ignore, because it's a day to day thing. I could smell what kind of food the patient had eaten; if it contained ginger or garlic or cloves. I could smell the dirt on their shoes. And the homeless man who had wet all over himself, I could smell his sweat and his sores and the infection in his hands.

Other perceptions also seemed increased. I could hear up and down the halls with no problem. I could recognize people at the end of the hall as well (something I can't really do, normally).

The typical senses, such as the smell of urine or being able to feel if my glove was wet was gone, or at least reduced.

I don't know if I'm just delusional, because I think I have a fever. I don't have a thermometer, and even if I did, could I trust myself to read the temperature accurately?

It's already been a bad couple of weeks due to all the allergies I have. When I woke up, I dreaded the thought of food. If I thought about eating something, I'd get nauseous, and was quite certain that I wouldn't be able to keep it down. Finally, around 6:30, I was absolutely famished. I couldn't go on without something to eat. I think the hunger took control over the thought of throwing up. So I attempted to eat something.
It got rid of the hunger, but then the feeling that if I continued to eat came back that I would vomit. So I stopped eating. It stayed down, fortunately, but for the longest time, I wasn't sure if that was going to be the case.

I hate allergies. I'm probably developing another sinus infection, or pneumonia, or something. I'm glad I have tomorrow off, because I'm going to sleep all day.

I'm glad that the girl who was going to go out on the boat with me tomorrow for pictures had to reschedule. I don't feel like waking up tomorrow morning.
I'm going to bed now, and hopefully stay there 'til at least noon, if not later.

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