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Why oh why do I have to work tonight?~!?!?!
It's such a nice day... I just finished cleaning up the boat again, and got the BBQ hooked up and made sure that it works okay.
I know you're not supposed to trailer a boat with the BBQ actually attached, but I'm hoping to put it in a berth again this summer. So if I only trailer it to the marina, that should be okay, yes?

I took some of my music in to work last night, and played it.
Why does no one get Ohgr and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, and Idiot Flesh?
One guy thought some of it was interesting. For me, My Life and Idiot Flesh brought back all sorts of memories from 6+ years ago. Ohgr and Rammstein are fairly recent. My Life is from 1990, and Idiot Flesh from '96 or '97.

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