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Last night, the computer network at the hospital went down, so for a few hours, we were unable to send ultrasound and C.T. images to the Nighthawk Radiology group. At first, I think they thought that it was just the Radworks software or a link between our computer and the nighthawk radiology computer, so the nighthawk radiologists called a computer fix-it guy to call us so we could try to network to another hospital in our system, and then have them send our images to nighthawk.
So this computer consultant calls, asks if I know anything about pinging and networking, as the people at work want me to try to see if I can get the computer going with the help of this guy via phone.
So he starts by telling me to logout of radworks and log back in with a different user account. Well, I don't know Windows 2000 very well, so when I didn't see the logout button immediately, I went ahead and just rebooted, knowing I could log back in as the user he wanted me to log into. He seemed upset that I did that. Fine, whatever. So it's taking a little longer while we wait for the system to reboot. Then we started the radworks program, which I am completely unfamiliar with, because it's on a computer that technically I am not allowed to even touch, so I have no idea where anything is on this machine. He's telling me to drop all these menus, which I cannot do at the speed he's telling me, for the same aforementioned reason. The radworks network wizard version must also not be the same as his, as he tells me to hit a 'next' when there is no 'next.' I had a 'finish' button, so I clicked on that, instead.
Things got messy there, because I had to try to remember all these things he was telling me. I was looking for the 'edit' or 'modify' key when he was rattling off all these numbers that I needed to type in next. If I had the appropriate 'next' key instead of just the 'finish' key, I probably would have been in the right place.
Obviously, he could tell I was behind, because I would ask him to repeat the last series of numbers he had rattled off, being unable to remember them all.
After a period of 15 minutes or so, he was getting obviously annoyed with me and not keeping up. He finally asks me if I'm on staff... meaning one of the computer staff, of which I said, no, I'm an x-ray tech.
"Oh, you're just an x-ray tech."
Boiling here.
"Yes. I'm just an x-ray tech." My sarcasm to his word was filled with razors.
How the fuck dare he!
1) I'm using a fucking slow as shit computer, Dell, no less.
2) It's using Windows 2000, an OS I'm not familiar with.
3) I'm trying to manipulate through a program I'm unfamiliar with at the same rate as this jerk is talking, and the damn software doesn't always go in the same order he's saying things in.
4) And I'm just an x-ray tech, which apparently means I don't know squat about computers.
If I ever find out what his computer's IP is, I'll show him that I don't know anything about computers.

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