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I'm sorry,
I know that we should respect doctors because of all of the schooling that they must go through in order to get where they are in life, but the medical schools are sure putting out some idiots.
They may be book-smart, but they just don't seem to pay attention to their patients anymore.
I'm not saying this is true for all doctors, because I work with some great ones who I would have no problem doing heart or brain surgery on me. I just hope I never have to be seen in our E.R.
Tonight, I had a girl who came in after falling off her skateboard. Her whole arm was swollen. The doctor ordered an elbow x-ray. So I bring her into the room for the elbow, but I notice she has most of her pain in the shoulder area. So I call and ask if it's okay for me to do a shoulder x-ray as well. Sure enough, she has a broken shoulder, nothing wrong with her elbow at all.
Just before I left, the other x-ray tech got a gun-shot victim. As clear as daylight, you can see the bullet sitting right next to the spine. The E.R. doctor is making a fuss because she can't tell if the bullet is under or over the collar bone, in front of it or behind it. It's touching the spine, which is your back-bone, therefore, it has to be behind the collar bone. In the x-rays of both the neck and the chest, it is clearly above the collar bone.
It gets worse... she calls up another doctor, and just by hearing what she has to say, he decides to order a special type of x-ray where we look at the arteries. This involves waking up the radiologist and a specials crew at home to come in. He orders this from home! He hasn't even looked at the x-rays himself! If he would have done that, he would have been able to tell that the path of the bullet was nowhere near any major arteries, not to mention that if it had actually hit the artery they were concerned about, this guy would have been bleeding very badly, which he wasn't.
And the kicker... on one of the pictures of this guy's neck, we can see his dred-locks. The doctor looked at the picture and had no idea what it was, and was asking everyone what she was seeing. You'd think that a doctor would pay enough attention to her patient and know he had dred-locks, and that hair does, indeed, show up on x-ray. I can understand if the majority of people out there wouldn't know that, but you'd think that a doctor should. When I saw the picture, I knew what it was, and I didn't even see the patient!

I'm just venting right now... we had a rough night working with doctors like this all night long. I wish they'd teach common sense at these medical schools. That, and how to get the real information from the patient that they need instead of going down a checklist which is written up for them. Sometimes, I get more information in the 5 minutes that I'm with a patient about what's wrong with them than the 15 minute interview the doctor does.

Okay, I'm through ranting, even though it really hasn't helped me feel any better. Not that any of you are actually reading this anyway.

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