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Up early, but for a reason.
You see, tomorrow, it is predicted to be 80 degrees, a real nice day.
This is actually my weekend to work, so I need to be getting ready for work in just a couple of hours.
I switched days off with a guy at work so I can have tomorrow off, in order to take my boat out for the first time this season.
But, before I can take it out, I'm going to need a good 2 hours of cleaning it up and getting other things ready (the ice chest cleaned out, buy beer and snacks), and I need to do that today -- I won't have time tomorrow.
I'm hoping that we can get out early. With the first weekend of real nice weather, I'm sure there are going to be lots of people out doing the same thing.
By the middle of next week, the weather is supposed to go sour on us again.

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