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Okay, I realize that AT&T Broadband has been bought out by Comcast, and all AT&T Broadband users will eventually have to change their e-mail addresses to the new service, but I haven't recieved word from AT&T that it's time for the address change for me.
The way I understand it, they (AT&T) are e-mailing groups of people telling them when it's time to switch over the account. It's supposed to be quick and easy and yada yada yada.
But, they haven't gotten word to me telling me it's my turn.
Yet, I'm starting to get e-mail from other companies which know suffixes will be changing telling me to update my account to the new e-mail.
I don't even have the new e-mail yet! I can't make any updates until I do change my attbi to comcast.
And by the time I get notice that it's my turn (whenever comcast gets to my area), I'll have completely forgotten about these e-mails from other places to update my account.
The sad thing is is that I took almost a year to update all my accounts when I changed to attbi. Ebay and Paypal went the longest, because I hadn't used them after I changed.

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