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Looks like people want to return to the '60's.
"Make Love, Not War" posters are returning to fashion.
Under normal circumstances, I would secretly laugh at these people, knowing they don't represent the majority of the population. They just happen to be the loudest and get more press.
Under normal circumstances, I would say that we could use a good war, mostly to boost the economy and to help everyone eat.
I do agree that Saddam Hussein needs to be removed from power.
These are not normal circumstances.
I think that Bush should have tried to convince the U.N. to put more inspectors in Iraq; in fact, doubling, trippling, or even quadrupling the number of inspectors and inspections.
I do believe that Hussein has weapons he should not have, and that he has links to Al Quaada, but I think we should prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
In 1991 and 1992 we found concrete evidence, actual chemicals and incubation machines for biological weapons. And there is evidence that he may still have such items, and has rebuilt a lot which has been destroyed. But we haven't actually found these things; just evidence that indicates he may have.
In my opinion, we should have kept the investigations going at such a rapid rate that Hussein would not be able to hide everything or know where we would show up next.
This way, the U.N. council would have definitive proof once something was found.
I believe that war is good for some things.
Changing a government may not be one of them.
Changing an Arab government to democracy is completely against the culture of the Arab world. And although I, personally, don't happen to agree with all that goes on in an Arab culture, it is not for me to say that it is wrong or bad. It's their culture, not mine. I would resist someone else imposing their culture on me, so I can understand their reluctance to have their culture altered. It is more important to understand a foreign culture in order to become allied with it than it is to simply destroy it.
And this is something the Republican government simply doesn't have a grasp of.
They have built a new foreign policy that sounds more like the regime which Hitler created.
So, now we have an American Hitler versus an Arab Hitler.
Which is worse?
Each has similar qualities.
Hussein took power by force.
Bush was elected.
Hussein is to blame for his power.
We are to blame for Bush's.
So, although we could use a good war, this will not be it.
We may succeed in doing what is needed, but we'd just have to keep repeating ourselves, as someone somewhere else in the world will take Hussein's place.
Now, having said that, these's still something else I need to mention. In my opinion, I live in one of the best countries in the world. Other countries I would have been glad to have been born in include Australia, Japan, or Germany, and maybe a couple of others. But, I was born in America. And I have the basic belief that I need to support my country both in good times and in bad (it's kind of like marriage).
A small few of the anti-war demonstrators are anti-America. To those, I say why not just move out? Go to some other country and apply for citizenship there.
Most of the anti-war protestors are not like this. The majority are simply just anti-war.
So I find myself in a little bit of a predicament. I'm not anti-war, I'm just anti this war. I do not want to support our government in this issue. So do I take my own advice and move to a foreign country and become a citzen there?
So, here's what I think I shall do.
I will support our government in the effort to rid the world of Saddam Hussein.
I will not support it to create a new government for Iraq, for that changes an entire culture.
I will not laugh at the anti-war protestors for having beliefs opposite than mine.
In fact, if things get to the levels that happened during the Viet Nam conflict, or if our government shows that it wants to do more than just oust Saddam Hussein, I have decided that I will join the anti-war protestors. I will listen to the new music which may evolve from this. I will show up at rallies. I will carry the sign that says, "Make Love, Not War."
I believe that I can still support our government while not agreeing with all that it does.
I will allow them the opportunity to rid Iraq of Hussein, and even try to discover any terrorists links his government may be aiding. But that's my limit. In this case.
We have other issues to deal with and resolve, which should be more important.

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