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I've done something that I am unable to fix. I hope someone can help, because everything in the help files both on and off-line aren't helping me... unless I'm just looking in the wrong spot.

When I try to save images from the web, it's defaulting to .bmp with a title of 'untitled.' When I click on the pop-up menu for my file-types, the only choice I am given is .bmp.
Where in the hell to I change the setting so that the title of the image remains the same as the file on-line, and that it will automatically know it's a .jpg or .gif file rather than a .bmp?
It's got to be something simple that I have checked in my properties (or that isn't checked which needs to be), but I just can't find it.
Anyone know?
BTW: I'm on the latest version of IE6, using Windows XP.

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