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ana seems to have blocked me from posting in her journal.
All over a disagreement.
1) she says Allah and God are one and the same. I said that many muslims would disagree with that statement.
2) she said that we all worship the same God. I said that many people would find that statement offensive.
3) she says that Jew is a race, not a religeon. So I guess with the blacks, whites, asians, and innuits, we also include Jew. Interesting, because I can become a Jew, but I can't become black or asian.

She and I both live in America, where we are all encouraged to have differing opinions, ideas, and beliefs, and we can voice them. She is perfectly allowed to have hers, and I mine. But shutting out comments simply because you don't want to hear them is being a little closed-minded. Sounds like a lot of religeons... they tend to do the same.

Well, I have my own journal. Anyone is allowed to comment their disagreements with me in my journal. All I ask is that they don't attack me, just the ideas. If something someone says makes sense to me, I often find myself modifying my own ideas and opinions. But I won't disallow you from posting. I will fight for your right to disagree with me, even if I don't like your ideas. All I ask is that everyone else do the same.

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