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I'm home from S.F. and the photo shoot. It went very well!
Went to altenra's place... we've been trying to get this shoot done for over a year! Her roommate, boigotbeef, was there, and she did a few shots. Her friend, ctuck, stopped in, along with another guy, Q (don't know his journal). And the two very lovely ladies, miztinsel and pretty717pixie (I've been wanting to meet her for a while).
We got black-light shots of ctuck, pretty717pixie, and altenra. miztinsel had to leave early due to work schedule, but she said she was interested in getting painted, so we'll have to get together again. I did get some really nice pictures of her. I got some real good pictures of them all!
I should have some posted tomorrow and the next day... I hope!
Right now... time to eat and go to bed!

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