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Something I thought about last night, but kendryk reminded me by his response to ana...

These people (Americans) who are travelling to Iraq to act as human shields aren't really all that smart, are they?
1) Most of the Arab world really doesn't like America to begin with, so they are endangering their lives from the locals who don't appreciate the "protection" that human shields are serving. The Muslims believe that if they die in a war, they are guaranteed an entrance into Heaven (their version), so they don't really care if death comes if we were to go to war.
2) By protecting a foreign land, especially an enemy, they are committing treason. If I recall, treason is still punishable by death. If an American citizen is killed while trying to act as a human shield for Iraq, all they've done is eliminated the trial and prosecution phase.
3) If we were going to go to war with Iraq, with or especially without U.N. support, don't you think we would have done so already? It's a bluff in order to keep the pressure on. There are alterior motives.
I'd like to go into it more, but I'm hosting a party in just a couple of minutes. By the time the party is over, I'll have forgotten what I wanted to say.

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