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So, why are they called reality tv shows?
I mean, normal people wouldn't do some of the 'stunts' I've seen or heard about on these shows. Yes, there really are people who work with snakes and bugs and the like, but usually as part of a job.
So, it's not really real. Not to say that these people aren't doing these things kind of real, but real in the sense that it's not typical.
I can see putting a few people in a house together and watching the conflicting personalities, maybe. But eating some kind of weird beetle or scorpion?
It's more real to watch people who have webcams just sitting on the computer and chatting back and forth with those people. Granted, to most people, that wouldn't be interesting to see on tv.
But, you can say that for just about anything.
Take my job, for example. If you were to just watch me all day, and you weren't able to ask questions and I wasn't able to explain what I was doing, you'd probably get bored real fast. Now, a lot of people seem to get more interested in watching me when I explain what is happening inside an x-ray tube and what's going on with the film and when I'm showing off what anatomy I see and what I need to see and why. And people are even more interested when they're in the medical field. And mostly when they are interested in becoming x-ray techs.
But I don't think I could watch someone at a desk job filing paperwork and deciding what areas should be apportioned so much money and crunching numbers.
I think it'd be interesting to watch computer programmers writing the latest and greatest game.
I'm also interested in all the behind-the-scenes types of stuff for making movies.
But people in a bed of ants? Nah.
People walking on a 4 inch bar 5 stories in the air? Nah.
People surviving in the wild, even though there are camera crews all around who you know are eating and sleeping in better structures than those 'survivors' have? Just not interesting. Instead of playing games for immunity, lets see them have to climb trees for coconuts and get them open, fish, and hunt boars and the like for their food. Lets see them have to make shelter from only the stuff Mother Nature gives them. That'd be interesting.

Hey, has anyone ever taken a tent as their luxury item on one of those survivor shows?

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