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Then I saw her face... now I'm a believer...

hmmm, a real live date for tomorrow night, and she hasn't cancelled out on me yet.
Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I found out that there may be a couple of other women who may be interested in me.
One of them I have worked for in my department, but she works in a different modality (I work diagnostic, she works in Nuclear Medicine). When she started, she had a boyfriend, but he was in jail. He got out, and I guess things didn't work out. Yay for me, if she is really interested.
Another works upstairs as one of the floor RNs. At least, I think she's a nurse. She could be a CNA, but it doesn't really matter.
The one for tomorrow night is one of the clerks in the E.R. She's in the middle of getting one of those divorce things, but as they're already seperated, it's okay. I'll call in the afternoon and find out if it's still on.

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