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Just found out:
The boy who we had gotten from the fire on Monday night died. Details were not released of what caused his death, but I'm fairly certain with the amount of soot, ash, and charcoal that we suctioned from his throat that he had quite a bit of damage to his throat and lungs. He probably inhaled more than just smoke. I'm guessing that although he didn't seem to have singed hair on his head, he had to have inhaled flames as well. Smoke inhalation causes the lungs to produce fluid and swell up. A burn does the same thing. He probably ended up drowning. It's hard to suction the lungs of fluid at the rate it can create it. This is when a thoracentesis is performed. But with an smoke inhalation or flame inhalation injury, it's not going to help. The lungs just produce the fluid too fast. You'd need 4 or 5 I.V's going at the same time at wide open just to keep the body's fluid levels correct. The helicopter ride from our hospital to the other one probably delayed the new lines getting put in. You can't do a thoracentesis on a helicopter. So his lungs were probably filling up during the flight.
But it's hard to say.
He was in pretty bad shape. It's a wonder we kept him alive as long as we did.
Found out that his sister had died in the fire. They didn't even discover her until after the fire was extinguished. She had somehow gotten confused in the fire and ended up in the worst part of it.
She was 5.
He was 7.

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