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Caught the first few minutes of that tv show called, "Are You Hot?"
Shows like that and the "American Idol" and whatever else may be out there are sending a message to our kids.
That message isn't that you have to be the best looking or most talented to make it, although it's sending that as well.
These tv shows are telling our youth that it's okay to tell other people that they suck if they don't have said looks or talent.
These tv shows are saying that you won't make it if you can't fit in.
These tv shows feed off of the misfortunes of others, who really aren't misfortunate at all.
These tv shows are shit.
There is no right or wrong, just different.
It's all subjective to what the judges feel is correct or incorrect.
By the time the viewing audience can even judge for themselves, they're given a sparce handful of choices.
These tv shows are saying it's okay to judge a book by its cover. That is, you can judge a person by his or her looks.
I thought that was up to God. (Not that I even believe)
There are too many qualities in every single person, naive or not, to do this.
But we're telling our kids it's okay, because we condone this behavior in ourselves.
Some guys like big breasts. Some like them small.
Some gals prefer a 6-pack abdomen. Others a beer-gut that has seen too many 6 packs.
Some guys prefer blondes, some redheads, some brunettes.
Some gals prefer soft candle-lit dinners, others prefer a ride on the Harley.
It's all of these combined characteristics which makes a person what he or she is.

Every one of you on my friends list is there because of one quality or another, and most of you don't share the same qualities as the next person. Some of you are angry and spiteful, and some of you are just plain exhibitionistic. But I like you all for one reason or another because you are unique.

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