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[human] Males are stimulated by images more than anything else. I'm not quite sure what the next sense would be, but I think it would probably be touch.
Why do you think magazines and websites for men are so popular? (I'm not talking Field and Stream here, people)
Females seem to be stimulated more by what is said, than what is seen. This seems to be a general consensus, but I know a few women who don't mind looking through pictures of muscle-bound guys.
It is also said that a woman can determine if she's going to be intimate or not with someone after having just met several minutes earlier.
This last statement should tell the guys something. If a lady doesn't show interest in you after a few minutes, you might as well forget it. Guys tend to spend a lot of energy going after one woman.
There is another saying: A woman will marry a man who has a colostomy tube, but a man won't marry a woman with one.
Once again, this just indicates that men like looks, and women like other qualities.
I do have a little disagreement with a lot of this, however.
I have caught myself (and I'm sure this is true for most males) attracted to women who don't necessarily represent 'beautiful' the way society does. I think guys find the personality of a woman attractive, and even sensual. Large noses, bigger bellies, and even acne scars can be easily overlooked. Those 'flaws' soon become part of that person, and who she is, and makes them even more attractive. It gives them a history to discover.
There is a doctor at work who says he likes larger breasts on women. Yet, he married a small breasted women.
I happen to prefer smaller breasted women, but seem to end up with women with larger breasts more often than not.

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