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I brought in the remaining three boxes of books which have been in my mom's garage for the past six years.
They were in pretty good shape. It looked like mice had gotten into one of the boxes, but really didn't do any damage.
I used to read a lot in high school.
As I was unpacking the books, I kept remembering the stories, but couldn't remember the details, so I kept thinking to myself, "Oh, I'll have to read this one again." But I was doing that to just about all of the books.
I have unfinished series in there as well. One of my favorite fantasy authors when I was in high school was Jack L. Chalker. I have a bunch of books by him. But I don't have the complete series of his Return of Nathan Brazil (the second Well of Souls) series.
Same goes for a few other authors.
Lots of series in there.
Soul Rider.
Star Wars and Star Trek.
Incarnations of Immortality.

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