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3 nights in a row with overtime.
Getting busy again!
We had about 6 people involved in a car accident when I got to work, and another girl who had fallen down a flight of stairs. This backed us up pretty badly, as the doctors wanted full-body x-rays; head to toe! jeesh!
But that's not all! One of the ladies who we saved last night had to come back down for pretty much the same thing, head to toe. The police wanted to make sure there weren't any old injuries to this lady. Apparently, she was the victim of spousal abuse. She was stabbed a whole bunch of times last night, and the guy tried to strangle her as well. We needed x-rays of everything so we could see if she had any prior broken bones. She wasn't being too cooperative and not telling us the complete truth all the time.
Anyhow, no one got lunch 'til after 9pm, we just were so backed up.
What a long day it was today!

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