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Oh shoot!
Reading zenmondo's entry just reminded me... I need to go in early to get my TB test. Employee Health closes at 4:30, it's now 4:25 and I live more than 5 minutes away. Guess I'll have to take care of it later in the week.
We're the only hospital which makes the employees do this every 6 months. Every place else is once a year!
It's so annoying.
And if we don't do it, they say they can fire us.
I doubt it. Especially with the union now. And the fact that I'm on the negotiating committee and am one of the shop stewards.
They wouldn't fire me anyway. I'm too valuable in their eyes. That's why I'm still not in C.T. They don't want to take me out of diagnostic because of the great job I do there. Where's the logic? I mean, if I do a great job in diagnostic, why wouldn't I do a great job in C.T.?
Maybe I should hold off on the T.B. test. When they say they're going to try to punish me, I can say I'm refusing to do it until they put me in C.T.
It wouldn't work, but it sounds like the kind of stuff I've done in the past.

I went in to work one day with a blue stripe in my hair because they wouldn't give me my birthday off (about 5 years ago?). They gave in and finally found someone to work for me. I mean, sometimes you just have to show them that some things are more important.

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