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Everyone at work is getting excited that I'm going to Hawaii in a few weeks.
Yes, it'll be my first time to Hawaii, but it's not like I haven't gone places.
In 1998 I drove around the country and saw The Grand Canyon, New Orleans, The St. Louis Arch, Chicago, Fargo (I had to put that in), Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons, plus a wide variety of places in between.
When I was 9, my family went to a reunion in Kansas, so we stopped in Salt Lake City, Denver, and somewhere where Dinosaur bones are being dug up.
Not to mention my trips to Seattle in the past.
And not only that, but in 2000, my dad and I flew to Germany, and drove all around the countryside there, and down into Austria and Italy. Granted, the Italy trip was for just a day.
So, why is everyone making such a big show about me going to Hawaii?
I think it's because I'm taking one of my co-workers, and she happens to be female and I'm male.
I think that they think that there's something going on.
And there isn't.
The only reason I asked the girl who I asked was because she has lived there in the past and she goes every year around February anyway. She's also getting ready to move back.
She knows a lot of Hawaii already. It's nice to have a guide. I want to do the touristy thing, sure, but I also want to see places which aren't really touristy, too.

I will be taking both digital cameras (video and still). I will get as many pictures as I can.
Hopefully, by the time I go, I will have a new website up. I'm sure I won't be able to upload pictures to the place I'm using now at that time.

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