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Went to Cody's yesterday to help her a bit with her new 'puter.

Mainly, we worked on learning how to scan pictures and save them to different directories. I wanted her to get the basics down first, because I know she is one that will edit/modify/tweek the pictures in all sorts of different ways... but if she doesn't know how to save the work, what would be the point?

Also started teaching her a little basic html. Left her a couple of books that I had that really never did me much good (I already knew the stuff the books taught). Didn't have a lot of time, so I didn't get too in depth. Didn't discuss tables, which are still used extensively. But she'll be coming here tomorrow, so we can work on that a little. She's practicing a little in her LJ account, modifying text everywhere. But I will need to get her to write entire documents for her to start learning more than just font control.

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