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Sometimes I like to post my opinion.
After all, it's my journal.
I should be able to write my opinions.
Opinions are valuable to a person's person.
Counter-opinions are always good, because
Opinions can be changed.

Most of the time, I think that I am making it clear that my thoughts are opinions.
I true to use "I believe..." or "I don't believe..."
Most of my opinions are usually of the controverial type.
Several months ago, I posted some pretty controversial ideas when I was going through some weird phase.
I go through phases where I don't do much except think, and come up with all sorts of reasons for my controversial ideas.
This is all called, a philosophy.
My grouping of ideas, opinions, and yes, even beliefs.
But let's not get into beliefs.
You can change and idea, or an opinion easily.
It's a little harder to change a belief.
However, you can state you opinion by saying, "I believe..."
I guess we should say "I am of the opinion..."
But, I think saying, "I believe..." can be a little different than, "This is my belief..." which is more like "I believe in..."
Yeah, that whole little proposition changes everything, doesn't it!
To believe in something makes it a little more powerful than just starting to state your opinion with "I believe..."

What do you believe?
No, not what do you believe in... just, what do you believe.
Tell me your opinion.

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