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My account at Softcom will be expiring soon.
I have no clue if the website gets deleted when that happens, or if it stays up a while.
If I didn't have to change my alternator tomorrow, I would spend my day off getting my domain registered, and get a server paid to get a new site set up.
For the temporary time being, the site will look exactly like my softcom section does now. But, I will be working furiously (*smirk*) to create a completely new site.

If you still haven't seen my site, and would like to before it goes away, go here:
It still has a lot of Burning Man stuff on there. In fact, the Burning Man stuff will stay, but I want to make the '98, '99, and '00 years look a little better. I'll probably get rid of '98, because I took so few pictures that year.

Anyway, yeah, new site henceforth coming.

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