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I, for one, am getting tired of all this babble about global warming.
The news that butterflies are moving farther north, and mating twice in a season as opposed to once, or the news about birds migrating earlier and earlier, and also mating ealier is starting to get me a little miffed.
I disagree that there is an actual global warming.
1) We have only been monitoring temperatures and weather conditions and keeping track of said events for a mere 100 years. Remember, planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old.
2) In order to determine global temperatures for eras prior, we rely on looking at the ice layers at the north pole and other arctic regions. One single ice strata, however, can represent from 100 years to 1000 years. They've pretty much tracked an average global temperature measuring back millions of years. You know what? It never stays the same. There is a constant fluxuation, rising for several centuries, then decreasing again. Sometimes the average global tempurature can change by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. For a global average temperature, that's actually quite a bit.
But this shows that there is some sort of unsteady cycle that the temperature goes through. So, just like the spin of the Earth on its axis has a wobble (called precession), so does our temperature.
3) In the very recent history, we have had four ice-ages, periods when the Earth's average global temperature dropped enough so that ice crept down from the northern pole deep into European, Chinese, and North American countries. The last I heard, the last ice-age was still in receding. Although, according to the average time between these events, we could possibly have had a 5th one begin as little as a couple of thousand years ago.
4) I don't think that the human population can be held completely accountable for the increase in the average global temperature. Yes, I'm sure that our ever-increasing population creating an ever higher amount of garbage and polution doesn't help the situation. But the Industrial Age only started less than 150 years ago. It takes a lot more than 150 years for a change in average global temperature to start changing. Especially since we have been in a period of cleansing for the past 20 years or so, in order to get said polutants out of the air, water, and soil.
So, there is no global warming. Not in the manner that the media would have us believe. Yes, the agt might be higher now than in decades past, but this is not something to worry about, let alone blame our fore-fathers and ourselves for not controlling. After all, who said Mother Nature wants to keep Earth at a stable and constant temperature in the first place? The agt simply fluxuates, and sometimes sharply, over eons, cooling, then warming again. Generally, this is a natural process which has been happening far longer than humans have even inhabited this little blue planet. Factors such as large meteor and comet strikes also have to be taken into consideration. Just because we rarely see strikes now doesn't mean they still don't happen from time to time. And precession has to play its little part too, I'm sure. And, if you want to keep searching, I'm sure that the lunar-solar-terran alignments at certain points in the year may have its little hand in there.
There is no global warming as the media defines it.

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