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Just spent the last 45 minutes out in the cold.
A car came flying by, smashed into 3 other cars at the other end of the street.
I was out there making sure the person in the car was okay.
No one else who had come out realized they needed to call 9-1-1, so I made sure that got done. I made sure the girl didn't try to get out of the car, and not move around too much in case she had a neck injury.
Fortunately, she was wearing her seatbelt and her air-bag went off.
But I think she was on something. I thought I smelled pot, but it could have been the steam/coolant from the car. She talked like she was on something... slowly.
She'll probably be okay, but after hitting 3 other cars (besides smashing her own), plus driving with expired tags, she probably won't be driving anytime soon.

Okay, I'm finally starting to warm up... I didn't have a chance to throw a coat on... and it's pretty fricken cold outside right now! Brrrrr!

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