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01 Jan 03
Dear Journal,
Last year, I had made a New Year's resolution to buy a new house by the end of the year. Or, if I hadn't bought a new house, at least be living in a different place.
Well, I did it.
Escrow closed on the 9th of August, and I've been in my new house since.
It's so good to be living in my own place; a place where I can pretty much do anything as I please, and I don't have to worry about whether it's okay with the owner.
But, the money situation is pretty tight, especially being just one person, and thus only one income.
So that's why I'm writing now.
I've got to do something about this income thingy. I see only two choices. Stop being single. Or convince the people at the hopital to get me into the C.T. scanner.
Now, choice one isn't a bad option. In fact, it would be very nice to have a long-term girl-friend this year. However, girls take money and time, especially when getting to know someone new. And because I'm not looking for more ways to spend money, this option seems a little shaded.
So, obviously, the other alternative would be training in C.T. The sooner in the year I can do this, the better off I'll be. Yes, I realize it will be a complete change in my sleeping schedule, and once I am trained, I'll have to pull 24 hour shifts of call. This doesn't seem so bad to me, though, because it will all be for the purpose of feeling more comfortable about my house payment, and having enough food in the house to keep my alive. That and maybe have a little extra for fun stuff, too.
So, my resolution for this year is to train in C.T.
The girls had their chances when I was younger, let them realize what they missed.

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