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I had to go to the hospital to punch in my time for Xmas. I had one of the other techs take some x-rays of my chest, and showed them to the ER doc. Turns out I do have pneumonia, after all. I mean, I pretty much figured it because of my symptoms, but I guess I was just in denial. I wanted to fight it off on my own. So I've been sick the whole psat week, and I could have been doing something about it earlier than now.
But the doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics, and also another for heavily medicated cough syrup, neither of which I've ever heard of.
This cough syrup is sure powerful. I feel like I've smoked an entire joint, but without the dry throat or muchies. It even gives you that feeling of an upset stomach that sometimes can happen after smoking pot. Yes, kiddies, I've done my share, and I know what it feels like--bet you all thought I was some sort of Mr. Goodie Two Shoes or something, didn'tcha!?
So right now, I feel fucked up, and I feel good. But I still have the sweats from my body reacting to the pneumonia, and the chills that come with it.

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